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You deserve a systematic and unique approach for your UI/UX design needs.

Brands come to us when they are struggling with:

  • Lack of skilled in-house team to complete a project
  • Have limited resources to meet project deadlines
  • Not working around the clock or incomplete work
  • Your team is unable to manage work as per your requirements
  • Your resources are unable to deliver high-quality work
  • Failing to ensure that projects are completed to a high standard
  • In-house employees cost you more than your project or workload
  • Inefficient time management and communication

How we can help you!

We develop holistic solutions that meet your growth needs.

  • Ensuring to understand your business, your users, how they interact with your product, observing their behavior and needs. Further, understanding their pain points and finding out how your product or services resolve their problems. This research phase is the start of our design process.

  • Gathering inputs from the market and human elements, we learn and extract desired outcomes to build a practical UX strategy. With our expert assistance, enhance engagement, raise customer loyalty, and grow your business.

  • Our consulting services provide you with a comprehensive approach to ensuring your business objectives meet your user experience. Niqat professionals help you analyze your current designs and suggest you best practices for developing new UI UX designs.

  • To determine areas for improvement, your website’s or app’s UX needs to be evaluated. Usability testing, data analytics, and user surveys are part of the method, which combines qualitative and quantitative research techniques. The experts at Niqat will assist you in optimising your website or app to improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Helping businesses turn their ideas into reality. They offer support in areas like user research, design, prototyping, and manufacturing so that businesses can create and launch successful new products. Through product design, you can tap into specialized expertise and bring innovative products to market with ease. 

  • Create more intuitive, organic experiences with user interface design. Our team helps create seamless digital products and services that are beautiful, simple to use, and delightful to interact with.

  • Your users hate when they get stuck on a website and can’t find the information they need. That’s why UX audits are crucial. Evaluating a site’s usability, accessibility, user flow, and overall design will help you identify issues, and opportunities for improvement, and stay competitive.

  • It’s no secret that IA is an essential step in creating a well-organized and effective website. But it can be difficult to create a site structure that works for everyone.

  • When it comes to creating an engaging and memorable user experience, interactive design is key. With Interactive Design solutions, helping you build great products by creating memorable UX and UI.

  • The mobile app design service involves designing interfaces for mobile devices considering the unique constraints and opportunities presented by these platforms.

Unlock your business’s full potential with Niqat

  • Thoughtful and experienced professionals with a deep understanding of UX design.
  • A collaborative approach to understanding the needs of our clients.
  • Data-driven design that ensures effective, engaging, and user-friendly outcomes.
  • Dedicated to consistently delivering innovative designs to drive business results.
  • Meticulous attention to every aspect of our design solutions.
  • Enabling prompt and efficient results while remaining adaptable to flexible needs.
  • Unwavering commitment to our client's success ensures an exceptional experience.
  • Prioritizing open and transparent communication and incorporating their feedback.
  • Prioritizing to create inclusive and accessible designs that cater to every user's need.
  • Successful track record of high-quality UX design solutions with satisfied outcomes.

Industry Expertise

Drawing upon over 14 years of expertise, we specialize in digitally transforming businesses across diverse industries. We believe that combining your unique perspective with our valuable industry insights will result in delivering beneficial solutions that drive success.

Client Feedback

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“They provide excellent quality of work, and their services are both time and cost-efficient.”

Elizabeth CEO, Boutique Creative Agency

“We are extremely satisfied with the web application developed by Niqat and would highly recommend their services.”

Ibrahim CEO, Advertising Agency

“First and foremost, I appreciate Niqat’s commitment to delivering items on time.”

Matthew Co-Founder, TGA Web Agency

“Everyone we worked with at Niqat was exceptionally friendly and very knowledgeable.”

Karissa Business Analyst, Financial Services Company

What makes us your ideal partner?

We believe that you deserve a web design agency that is experienced and versatile. At Niqat, our prominent design experts know the trends and the best practices outperforming the market. Designing websites that increase your interactions and lead to sales growth on your website.

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